May 28, 2024

May 28, 2024

Target Love Story: A Unique Engagement Photo Shoot

Choosing a location for an engagement photo shoot can be overwhelming. Traditional places like gardens, parks, or beaches are always a safe bet. But what if I told you that we recently did a photo shoot in a Target store? Yes, your favorite place to arrive needing one item and leave with a cart full of miscellaneous goodies is actually an excellent location choice!

It all started when Grace approached me with a question: “Would you be open to the crazy idea of an engagement shoot in Target?”

Um, YES?! I was absolutely down for that level of spontaneity!

Grace and Mark’s love story is filled with shared shopping dates, Disney trips, and playful adventures – which made Target the perfect backdrop for their session.

From browsing the home goods section to sharing laughs in the freezer aisle, each moment was filled with genuine joy. Their connection was evident as they navigated the store, turning every location into an opportunity for a silly photo. The vibrant colors and familiar environment added a fun and relatable element to their engagement photos.

This couple is fun and goofy, just like their choice of photo shoot location. They danced in the aisles, raced with shopping carts, and even had a pillow fight in the Disney plushie section. The photos perfectly captured their youthful, playful love and their shared sense of humor.

The beauty of having a photo shoot at Target is the variety of backdrops it provides. From the colorful clothing section to the homeware aisle filled with props, we had seemingly endless options. Lego sets, books and vinyl albums, wine, and Mickey ice cream bars — some of the couple’s favorite items (they even have a dog named Epcot!) — all made an appearance during our shoot.

Grace and Mark’s Target engagement shoot is a great example of finding love and joy in everyday moments. It was so fun to capture their story in such a unique setting, and I hope these photos inspire others to find beauty and meaning in the places that hold special memories for them.

Explore some of my favorites from the gallery below to see more of this incredible shoot:

This session has opened my eyes to the potential of unconventional locations. The charm of Target manifested itself in the photos, and I’d love to explore other stores for photo shoots like Home Depot or IKEA (hit me up if you’re interested in that)! These places are filled with everyday items that, when viewed through the lens of love and creativity, can make for unforgettable memories!

So, next time you’re thinking about a photo shoot location – consider your favorite store. You never know, it might just be the perfect backdrop to tell your love story.

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